Railway transport

Whether you want to import or export goods, railway transport is appropriate and practical solution for you. We at D&S Trans Logistics can guarantee security and quality of services used. Railway transport is eternal and reliable method for transporting domestic and international shipments.

Trust our professionals now and we hand over responsibility for your load. We can offer flexible and individual projects, depending on the contents of the shipment.

Choose us, you can be assured of:

• Customs assistance
• 24 hour control and shipment tracking
• Special and personal approach to each client
• Transportation "from door to door"
• Competitive prices
• Reliable and guaranteed delivery
• Cargo insurance and other services
• 100% control and care for the performance of a contract
• Ability to request online at any time of the day
• Individual projects according to the requirements of each customer
• Loyalty and honesty to the shipment of each customer

Take advantage of quick and easy import and export of any goods. Make an online inquiry now and select the most appropriate route for your shipment. Railway transport is a safe and proven method for all international and domestic transportation services. Rely on our team and your shipment will arrive as soon as possible.



We strive to offer our customers the most reasonable prices for all transportation services. We have high standards for quality control and guarantee safe transport for your shipment. We work for your satisfaction and peace. Trust us now!


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